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All information and statements on this website are nonbinding. SpeedRankSEO assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the content. There is no guarantee and assurance of product properties. There can be no legal claims against any of the content on this site. Mistakes in the content will be fixed as soon as it is noticed. Due to a delay in updates, the content of this site may be slightly out of date. Please ask us about the status, technical details, and availability of products and services. Links to other websites are not always checked, and we accept no liability from other linked websites.

In the event that any part of this site is used unlawfully without rights, such as being used in violation of a trademark or copyright, then you are asked to immediately inform us by Email or any other written form. We would then immediately establish a set of legal condition in this case.

This notice serves both parties. You may know that trademark infringement is affirmed in part by keyword advertising by the courts and partially denied. Test cases are proceeding, in which this issue should be resolved by the federal court. It also doesn’t make sense economically to initiate court proceedings.

In such and similar cases, we will immediately dismiss the alleged infringement. A warning is not required, and therefore, it is not our duty to reimburse warning notice costs.

Downloading of data and software

SpeedRankSEO assumes no liability for the accuracy of data and software that can be downloaded from the website. All software is checked by SpeedRankSEO for viruses and other malicious content. Regardless, we always recommend that you check any data and software you download with the latest antivirus software.

Copyright and other rights

The content of this site is copyrighted. You are allowed to save one copy of the information form this site on a single computer for non-commercial and personal internal use. You may only use graphics, text, logos, pictures, etc. with written consent from SpeedRankSEO to download, reproduce, copy, modify, publish, post, transmit, or distribute any material in any way. Mentioned products and company names may be registered trademarks or brands. The unauthorized use of said material may result in claims for damages and injunctive relief.

Personal data protection and confidentiality

SpeedRankSEO uses data transmission methods that meet the highest standards. Regardless, there can be no guarantee that third parties will not intercept information or personal data unlawfully during transmission.


SpeedRankSEO assumes no liability for damages, whether direct or indirect. This includes indirect damage, data loss, lost profit, and system or production failures resulting from the use of these internet pages or the downloading of data. In the event of damages resulting from the use of these internet pages, downloading of data, or gross negligence, SpeedRankSEO will assume no liability. The use of these internet pages, and the relationship between you and SpeedRankSEO are subject to the laws of United States. In legal disputes with registered traders resulting from the use of this website, the jurisdiction used will be where SpeedRankSEO is located.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

If data is given to a service provider for services they must perform, then they are bound to the United States Federal Data Protection Act, and other legal regulations, and the contractual provisions of the privacy policy of SpeedRankSEO . If SpeedRankSEO is obliged by law or court order, it will transmit your information as required to the relevant authorities. SpeedRankSEO will not transmit your information to other third parties for any other purposes without your consent.


SpeedRankSEO stores your data on specially protected servers in United Statesy. Access is granted only to people who are authorized by SpeedRankSEO that deal with the technical, commercial, or editorial support aspects.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files containing information from an online session, which is collected in a special file in ASCII format, normally as cookie.txt, on the hard drive of the user for the current browser you are using. Cookies are pieces of information that sent back to the server with the next session. The server that has previously filed them can only read these.

SpeedRankSEO only uses cookies if they are needed for functions, or to assist in navigating the website. Cookies are only used for the previously mentioned purposes, and will not be provided to any third parties.

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies and store them. You can always disable this feature at any time in your browser. You can also set it up so that your browser will notify you and time a cookie is being sent.

Links to other websites

The website for SpeedRankSEO may contain links to other websites. SpeedRankSEO has no influence over the content of other websites, and no influence whether or not they follow the data protection regulations.

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