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Adrian Bless

Speedrankseo has once again been extremely professional and effective in their efforts to improve our search engine rankings. The SEO service I subscribed has been thorough in meeting our needs and staying on time and on track."

Jetta Jitsu

Speedrankseo has been very courteous and responsive to my concerns. I appreciate the work they did and highly recommend their services. My traffic boosted greatly when I checked on google analytics. Thanks a lot.

Isake Grimes

We came to Speedrankseo with an idea. The guys designed, developed and optimized my site. Rest is a success story worth telling. We went from 0 to 40,000 visitors a day and sold on an average 500 tickets a day. Thanks for everything.

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Started Packages Business Packages
Basic Standard Professional
Was $60.00
$49.00 /month
Was $120.00
$95.00 /month
Was $240.00
$179.00 /month
Web 2.0 Buffer Site
Web 2.0 Buffer Site 10 20 40
  Document Sharing
Document Sharing 5 10 20
  Question and Answer
Question and Answer 4 8 16
  Image Sharing
Image Sharing 5 10 20
  Article Directories
Article Directories 50 100 200
  High Authority Web 2.0 Submissions
High Authority Web 2.0 Submissions 10 25 50
  Video Submissions
Video Submissions 2 5 10
  High Authority Blog Comments
High Authority Blog Comments 50 100 200
  Web 2.0 Submissions
Web 2.0 Submissions 100 250 1,000
  Rapid Index
Rapid Index 50 250 1,000
  Contextual Backlinks
Contextual Backlinks 3,000 6,000 12,000
Dofollow 50 250 500
Backlinks 5,000 10,000 20,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, we’ve collated our most frequently asked questions below

Manual Blogger Outreach?

Guest blogging or Blogger outreach helps increase Exposure for your business. When you are able to pos in a blog related to your industry. It gives a platform to communicate with your potential customer. Through our special manual blogger outreach method, we shall be able to post 1 article on a high DA Blog related to your niche.

High DA Web 2.0 Pyramid(DA 100 to DA 20)?

10 Web 2.0 pages will be created form high DA web 2.0 sites (DA 100 to DA 20)like Squidoo, LiveJournal etc, with random picture and video in first-tier pointing to your site followed by 50 social bookmarks in the second tier.

Video Creation & Submission?

Every month we will create a nice video for your site or product and will submit it to top 5 video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Doc Share (Average DA 50)?

One SEO oprimised pdf doc will be created and submitted to various doc sharing sites.

EDU Blog post(DA 90 to DA 50)?

First of all these EDU links are not form forum profile or blog comments like others are selling. These are actual blog-post on our privately owned EDU blogs hosted on top US & other universities domain. We will create 2 Edu blog post every month.

Q/A Links?

Yahoo answer & Quora are a popular Q/A Sites where a user post question and other member provide their answer. Every Month we will research for a relevant question related to your keywords and will provide the answer with a live link back to your site.

Manual Bookmarks?

We will provide 20 social bookmarks manually from top bookmarking sites like, Tumblr etc. every month.

Photo or Image Sharing?

We will take a photo from your site or any related image and will upload to 10 photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Imgur etc every month creating a nice link back to your site.

2nd Tier Links?

More than 500 mix links like profile, wiki, comments, blogs etc will create in the second tier to make a powerful back support to your high-quality first tier links.

Rapid Index?

Rapid Indexer is url database from many keyword type to use indexing link in website url without comment posting and its different with dofollow link where they need post comments to get indexing link.

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